What is DFWzombierun.com?

You are given flags that are attached to a belt around your waist. This represents your "Life" during your adventure. We then release you into a course that is designed to test you physically and mentally. You must run, hide and use your wits because somewhere Zombies are hidden and waiting for you.  The Zombies will be trying to grab your “Life” flags! Make it to the end with at least one “Life” flag and earn a limited addition medal.  If you have no flags at the end of the run, then you are considered “Infected” but you will still get an “Undead” medal. 


DFW Zombie Run is the ultimate adventure run organization that designs 3K, 5k and 7k courses with a trained staff zombies’ chasing you throughout the course trying to snatch your “Life flags” and add you to the walking dead. DFW Zombie Run is the only Horror Adventure Company based in Dallas Fort Worth that offers a different theme every time. Our concepts are not like any other Company out there today.